Best Ash Hair Highlight Ideas in 2023

In this article, we will let you know about the best ash hair highlight ideas. Have you been getting the same hairdo for a long time? Add some smokiness to your appearance by dying your hair ash. This is how you may choose which option best suits your needs.

Ash hair color is still quite popular among young urban Filipinas and other people who are passionate about hair.

It has a one-of-a-kind appearance compared to other hairstyles and hues, and it’s also an excellent approach to differentiate yourself from the natural dark hair tones you see daily.

Ash hair colors may be found in various variations and tones, and they all exude a sophisticated and on-trend tone due to their grey cast. You can anticipate that this trend will not go away any time soon.

Check out our advice on choosing the correct ashy shade if you are one of the many individuals interested in trying out this hairdo. 

What are the best ash hair highlight ideas in 2023?

Here is the list of best ash hair highlight ideas:

Dark Ash Brown

Here is the first one of the best ash hair highlight ideas. You may get rich natural tones by going for a dark ashy brown, which also has accents of silver and blue tones.

However, you need L’Oréal Paris’s Excellence Ash Supreme to get this effortless look. It’s one of the most straightforward styles to pull off.

Silvery Ash

Here is another one of the best ash hair highlight ideas. Because of its distinctive tones, the ashy silver hair color is one of the most sought-after by young ladies today.

This color is achieved by beginning with a foundation of light blonde hair and applying numerous shades of grey dye until the desired effect of silver ash is achieved.

Even though it is one of the most challenging styles to pull off well, you should give it a go after you get your hair to the proper color.

You may obtain up to three times the tone lift for darker hair with the Excellence Ash Supreme in Silver Ash. This can assist you in being fashionable and on-trend.

White Ash Blonde Hair

In connection with brilliant hues, the color white ash has had a substantial surge in its appeal in recent years.

It’s like the cool girl’s version of platinum, mainly when done as highlights over a dark ash tone or worn with visible roots. In other words, it’s the cool girl’s platinum.

It is incredible how different the chilly tone and the black foundation are from one another.

If you want to complete your transformation into an Instagram goddess, all you need is a vampy matte lipstick.

Trust us when we say you’ll be excited to show off this hair color. That is why this is one of the best ash hair highlight ideas.

Holographic Ash Blonde Hair

Here is another one of the best ash hair highlight ideas. Holographic strands have become very popular, following in the footsteps of significant hairstyle movements such as the rainbow and pastel hair trends.

To use the reflecting technique, hairstylists first must hand-paint color onto a glass plate, then apply the color to the hair in parts.

This procedure is quite similar to the conventional screen printing method. The end effect is a reflected mane that is ashy white and purple in color and truly stunning. Prepare for the arrival of summer hair.

Light Ash Blonde with Dark Roots

This is an even lighter option to Smoky Ash, yet, it accentuates your black roots to provide the appearance of a more natural fade.

It will leave your roots a deeper shade while giving your hair a lighter blonde color with ashy undertones all over the surface.

Ash Blonde Hair Balayage

The versatility of ash blonde hair makes it an excellent choice for practically any other hair color, which is one of the reasons it is such a popular hair color choice.

Because of this, ash blonde is an excellent choice for balayage hair color. The ash blonde color applied all over the head as highlights gives your mane some significant dimension and dimension.

Before stepping out of the salon chair, ensure you have carefully noted your stylist’s instructions about caring for your platinum hair.

It is essential to maintain platinum as bright and as cool as possible. That is why this is one of the best ash hair highlight ideas.

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